Saturday, September 18, 2010

Game Plan

In reading through the ISTE Standards for Teachers I have found that there are bits of each I would like to become more knowledgeable in and more proficient in. For this assignment we are asked to pick two that we feel the most interested in working on. My GAME plan will be used on Standard 1 d. and standard 2.d.

1d. says the teacher will model collaborative knowledge construction by engaging in learning with students colleagues and others in face to face virtual environments. My goal is to find teachers within my school as well as outside my area to collaborate with and get ideas for my classroom and to show students other places in the world and how they learn by meeting with them in a virtual classroom. The ways to achieve this will be to go online and find other schools that would be interested in doing this kind of project. I will monitor the reactions and the learning of myself and the students to see if this is something that needs to continue and last my evaluation will be on how many more can I find because I know this will be a great time for the students and a great learning opportunity for all of us.

2d. Provide students with multiple and varied formative and summative assessments aligned with content and technology standards and use resulting data to inform learning and teaching. Goal is to find different ways to assess students work and to give them different ways to show they know the content of the lesson. To achieve this I will need to go online to look for different ways to assess students that others have used and also to look at the lesson and see how many different ways it can be assessed and maybe even let the students find ways to assess their own work. To monitor this there are some technology programs such as MOODLE that can be used by teachers to let students take test, post comments, download work to show how they are doing. I will evaluate if this is successful for all students when I see how many use the technology given and see what works best for the students.

On a side note I am sorry this was not posted by Wed. but I am taking two classes at one time and just got confused on the posting dates. Have a great week.


  1. Karen,
    I also would like to find different ways to assess students work to show they know the content of the lesson. I teach computer applications, and I am always looking for new projects to assess the students on content. I feel that I am always using the same projects over and over. I have gotten many new ideas from the courses we have taken and from the sites that we have been introduced to. I had not heard of MOODLE. Thank you for the information. I will look into the site.

  2. Karen,

    Good luck in connecting your students with other students through a virtual environment. I think this would be a great learning experience for all. Also, I have heard of MOODLE, but have never used it before. If you use this program, please let me know how it works for you.

    Jeannine Lowe

  3. Hi Karen,

    Like Susie, I had not known about Moodle until you mentioned using it with your students. Thanks to you, I think I can easily use it with mine as well. These tools that we're learning about can really make our students independent and put them in the driver's seat of what they're learning. Have you used it before? If so, can you describe what you did and how it worked? If not, do you have a plan yet on how you will use it? You mentioned having your students download work and post comments- do your students without computer access at home have any problems doing this within the school day in a computer lab? That's always my biggest concern because of course, we want all our students to be able to take part in these activities. Hopefully, even those without computers at home can meet the technology requirements at school.

  4. Karen,
    The two goals that you chose to improve on will be very beneficial to your students. When we find various ways differentiate our instruction and assessments, it allows each and every student to have an opportunity to touch on their learning strength. Also, by achieving yoru goals, you will bcome a better teacher which once again in turn will lead to an increased student achievment. Good luck!

  5. Hello all,
    Moodle is a program that our school has set up for teachers that are interested to use for free. I know there are some Moodle accounts that cost or they use to. I have taken several courses on it and had at one time set up a Moodle page to hopefully teach an art class online to jrs. and srs. at the high school. I had found they could take test, post comments and upload pictures of work they had done. When I got it all set up the school technology people said well we need to look into some more because we are not sure we can schedule it for the students to take it online and still receive credit. It has never gotten started. There is a teacher at the high school that uses Moodle for his Health Science class for nursing students. He likes it and really feels the school has dropped the ball in not pushing it forward with more teachers. I am glad that you have found it interesting and I hope you can use it.