Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Over the last 8 weeks not only have I learned how students learn I have also learned some new technology tools that can be used as instructional tools as well as learning tools. Voice threads and virtual tours are two of the technology resources that I found to be very interesting and could be fun and resourceful tools. The hard part is making the lessons that incorporate these tools for the students to use to learn from and not for me the teacher to just use to instruct with. I hated lectures and I know things have not changed and students hate lectures as well.

Over the summer I plan to work on lessons that incorporate more learning tools for the students. Now that we have a mobile computer lab it will be easier to have access to the computers for the students to use and be engaged and learning. I want to do more that goes across the curriculum and helps students to make meaning from their learning.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I Have Learned

Over the last 8 weeks we have been learning about the different learning styles. I have heard for years that students do not learn the same. It seemed like every year there was a new way to teach so that everybody could learn. The most important thing is that students can learn if they are engaged in the lesson. That students have to find the lesson important and meaningful to them. Regardless of how they learn if the are engaged and use more of themselves to learn with they will remember what they learn. They will connect with the lesson.

Two goals that I am going to work on are 1. to find ways to use technology with my students to have them be more engaged in the lesson. I want to use things like voice threads for students to talk about art and how it affects them. 2. I want to make more lessons that go across the curriculum and help students see how all things are connected in some way.

I feel it is important for teachers to show students that learning is always taking place. I want them to know you never stop learning and to know the importance of continuing to be open to the new things that come along and enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Instructional technology and Learning technology

I tried something new and that was to take my class to a Distance Learning Presentation. The presenter was  on a webcam in Atlanta Georgia at the Puppetry Museum. She took the students on a around the world tour of places and their puppets. After part of the tour the students made a puppet. The students were not real impressed with the program because they are 11th and 12th graders and the presenter was more prepared for elementary students. There were some things about it that the students enjoyed and they were talking about it today.

Something that was discussed was shadow puppets. What we are going to do in my class is make some shadow puppets and then use projection presenters and show a play that the students will write about their puppets to elementary students. We will either use overhead projectors or elmo type projectors to show the puppets. I want the stories to be about how to get along with others and what not to do. Bullying has become such a bad problem and I want the students to write their stories about what that is and how not to become a victim or a bully.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Try again


Voice Thread


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Social Learning and Technology

I have started a lesson with my Art II students on making an animated music video that I found using Scratch and then using garage band on the apple laptops. I am posting pictures of the apple portable computer labs that we have at our school and the students using them. The students are having fun learning about writing their own music and putting it to an animation they design.  I am having fun learning new ways to use the computer. The students are learning using the social aspect of learning by collaborating with each other and giving their opinion about the different sounds they hear. When students are engaged and having fun it is fun to teach and to watch them learn.