Thursday, April 1, 2010

Social Learning and Technology

I have started a lesson with my Art II students on making an animated music video that I found using Scratch and then using garage band on the apple laptops. I am posting pictures of the apple portable computer labs that we have at our school and the students using them. The students are having fun learning about writing their own music and putting it to an animation they design.  I am having fun learning new ways to use the computer. The students are learning using the social aspect of learning by collaborating with each other and giving their opinion about the different sounds they hear. When students are engaged and having fun it is fun to teach and to watch them learn.


  1. I really like your lesson. the students seem to be on task and working hard in the photos. You obviously gave them a exciting project centered around your curriculum that was well planned, created, and implemented. Great Job

  2. This is a beautiful lesson concept in every possible way...I like how the students are working together...
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