Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Final Game Plan

The end of the course has come and I have been working on a GAME plan to help my students use technology to help them progress through an assignment. I have found when using the tool called GAME plan it helps me to plan my lessons with more completeness. I have found this to be a very useful tool to have. Using the GAME plan I have become more efficient with my lesson in making them reach all students. I can see where I need to change them to incorporate the use of technology so that all students are challenged on their separate levels. The GAME plan is a great tool for teachers and one I am glad I have learned. It has made planning my lessons easier and I have made very few changes during the lesson because I was able to see where the lesson was headed and with monitoring I could tell what needed to be changed sooner than before.

I have started using the GAME plan when starting a new lesson and feel better equipped to handle the little things that come up. I am finding ways to incorporate technology with the GAME plan and feel more prepared to help the students. There have been many new challenges that have come up in this particular class and using wiki pages to help communicate with each other is always a fun task. There are many new and challenging things to use with my students and I am excited about sharing them.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Game Plan Revisited

I am going to change a little bit the way I plan to reach my goal. On our CreativeBees wiki page I have posted a lesson plan on solving a problem for a community that needs something built. They may need a bridge, a tunnel, a dome, a skyscraper, or a dam and the students have to decide which they want to build and then learn about all the different kinds there are and which one would be the best to build. To use this toward my goal in my GAME plan of collaborating with others I am going to have the students contact an architect and do an interview with them about what ever they are planning on building. The students could get advice and ideas on how to build and why the choice is good or bad. 

I do feel it is good for students to talk to people in the outside world that work in the field they are studying and they can get first had advice from them on the pros and cons of the job. Architecture is a great field and one that is also a part of creating. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Game Plan

Technology is making the possibilities of meeting and working with students from anywhere possible. I am working with the Technology director at our school on finding a Distance Learning lesson that I can do with my classes. I usually use one class to see how it will work. I did the Distance Learning a couple of times last year and it was an interesting experience. We do not have any set up yet but our Technology staff has been overloaded with some technical issues and have not had a chance to look for new lessons coming forward.

The lessons last year were more a teacher that taught to my class and this year I would really like to have a class that can meet with us. I think it would be a great experience for the students on both sides. I have begun using Twitter and a couple of art blogs that I am a part of to find teachers that would be interested. I have started talking to a couple of teachers in the same time zone I am in to collaborate on a lesson and see if we can share the students ideas with each other. Our plan is to group our two classes and have the students collaborate with each other.  I am excited about this because the technology being used is an interesting experiment in working outside the boundaries of a classroom.