Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Game Plan

Technology is making the possibilities of meeting and working with students from anywhere possible. I am working with the Technology director at our school on finding a Distance Learning lesson that I can do with my classes. I usually use one class to see how it will work. I did the Distance Learning a couple of times last year and it was an interesting experience. We do not have any set up yet but our Technology staff has been overloaded with some technical issues and have not had a chance to look for new lessons coming forward.

The lessons last year were more a teacher that taught to my class and this year I would really like to have a class that can meet with us. I think it would be a great experience for the students on both sides. I have begun using Twitter and a couple of art blogs that I am a part of to find teachers that would be interested. I have started talking to a couple of teachers in the same time zone I am in to collaborate on a lesson and see if we can share the students ideas with each other. Our plan is to group our two classes and have the students collaborate with each other.  I am excited about this because the technology being used is an interesting experiment in working outside the boundaries of a classroom.


  1. We only have one individual to handle all of the technology issues for our school district. It definitely makes it difficult to explore new ideas when he is normally busy fixing all of the technical issues that arise. Good luck.

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