Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Game Plan Beginning

In my quest to find art classes to share with I have joined several different art communities and have started talking to several different art teachers about lessons and if they would be willing to join classes and visit online to see how the students would interact and if they would find this engaging at all for the students. I have not received any positive responses yet but have some that might think about it. I guess that is positive.


  1. Hi Karen!!
    I am so gald to meet you! As I read your GAME Plan I understand about the time issue. Hang in there!

    I use Twitter as my professional learning community and there is a #artsed chat that once a week art teachers get on twitter and using this hashtag talk about art education. I have joined in some of the conversations and have learned many new things I can use in my science classes. If you are interested I can send you the twitter chat schedule as many areas of education have a weekly sometimes daily chat. It has made a world of difference for my professional development. It has led to skype sessions with teachers around the world, websites, so many my delicious account is now up over 1000 resources, lessons, advice about challenging students, it has been fantasic! I think you have a good start, let me know if you are interested :-)

  2. Thank you and yes please send me that twitter. I have arted blogs but I have not added them to twitter. I am a slow moving turtle when it comes to technology and getting everything added and checked. I have not done a very good job on this blog either. I do appreciate your help. Thanks sharon

  3. Hi Karen!

    I hope your GAME Plan is going well. If you want to be on Twitter go there and make an account, then in the dialog box type in #artsed. This is called a hashtag and is how twitter uses group conversations. This will show you the current conversation and you can join in!

    Have a great week! :-)

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