Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Game Plan/Trudy Driskell

During this 8 weeks I am taking two Walden courses and both require a blog post I am trying to keep them straight by putting the instructors name in the title and hopefully this will help the instructors know which one is for them.

In our last post for Dr. Driskell we had to talk about our GAME plan and areas that we needed to work on. This week we are to talk about resources we might need and or people we might need to talk to that will help us reach our Goals of the GAME plan. We are also to talk about what steps we have taken to ACHIEVE the GOALS.

When I look at the first part of my last blog the one thing I would really like to do is have an art class with another art class from somewhere else. I would like to have students be able to talk to other students and see what they are doing, to see a different culture even of people. We have so many cultures here in the US that we could do that with someone in this very country that would be a great experience for the students. I have at risk students that have not had the opportunity to see much outside their little world except for going to Mexico to visit family. What I need to do this would be finding teachers from other places willing to take the plunge and set up a date and time that we could connect. Time constraints would have to be taken into account as well. Also we would have to look into software like Skype or something that allows video conferencing. We do have a lab in our building that has technology set up where we could possibly do video conferencing because they do set up Distance Learning classes for all grade levels. They just have not ever set up with a class from somewhere else. I would need to visit with the technology specialist that takes care of this to see if it would be better in there with the bigger screen etc.

As far as taking steps to do this I have not yet done that. Starting a new school year and taking two classes time has not been something I have extra of. I am starting to get the time frame and a schedule set where I can begin looking at trying new things and learning about the students and what they need in their learning.

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