Sunday, August 22, 2010


Another class has come and gone and I still cannot seem to get into blogging. Some part of me finds it interesting to leave thoughts and ideas but the other part cannot seem to find the time and discipline it takes to do it.

In the post I want to reflect back on what I have learned about literacy in the Web 2.0 world of education. I am just getting use to the term Web 2.0 and found out that things are about to change. It is becoming Web 3.0 where the computer can almost read our minds and search for us. Not really but it seems that way. In the class I learned that literacy is quite different that when I first started school. It is more than just reading and writing on paper and books, but learning how to read and understand websites and what information they have available. Students must learn how to determine to the best of their ability what information is correct and valuable.  I have learned several different ways to help students look at a web page and determine if it is usable information or not. This will be very helpful when the students are working and hopefully keep them from waisting time in their searches.

Because of the nature of my class in being art we do not do a lot of web searching because the accessibility of the computers is not there. I am going to try and do more with the advanced class and hopefully I can teach the students something they can take with them to other classes when they are doing research for them.

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