Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Journey

This week begins a new journey in my trek to get my master's degree. We begin a class on research. AAARGGGGGGH. I am very undecided about this class. I am also very nervous about this class, because I have not written a paper over research in a very very very long time. I am thinking about writing my paper over why and how the fine arts make students smarter. If you look at graduating classes of today you will find that the majority of salutatorians and valedictorians have been involved in some for of fine art whether it is music, theater, or art.

There have been studies done and school set up that only teach the fine arts but they teach all subjects using fine arts to teach them. They learn history when learning about different composers or artist, they learn math and science when learning about tempos, and mixing colors, or timing in a play. Critical thinking and problem solving are also taught in the fine arts.

I think this paper will be an interesting exploration of the importance of fine art and why schools should not be in a hurry to discourage them or dismiss them as unimportant. They are more valuable than they are given credit for.

I will keep this blog updated on the findings and the journey of writing the paper.

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