Friday, December 4, 2009

student interviews

I have interviewed two of my students for the podcast and was surprised in what I learned. I interviewed a male student and a female student, the male was Hispanic and the girl was Anglo. When I interviewed the young man he told me he had just gotten his first cell phone about two months ago and he forgets about it until it goes off. He has not gotten use to it yet. He could live with it or without it. He said his friends get mad because he doesn't answer it all the time. He is a very smart young man, has a computer at home and uses it, but he is not bound to technology. The girl on the other hand could not live without her cell phone and being able to text her friends. She uses her phone not only to text but as a mini computer, check email, look up stuff on the net, etc. Neither one of them could think of a way that teachers could use technology in the classroom, but they did feel that it was an important part of their lives and something they would need for the future.
When I took my art class to the art gallery I was the only one that had a camera, all the rest used their cell phones to take pictures. I had my cell phone but a camera is what came to my mind first not the cell phone. Amazing to me is how differently we think about getting the same job done. I guess we are doing the same thing only differently. Teachers must be able to modify and adjust all the time.

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