Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In my last 8 weeks I have been learning about wikis, blogs, and podcast. This has been a very interesting and learning experience for me. I have seen blogs of my nephews and others and wondered how they worked. My biggest problem was knowing what to put on them and remembering to post to them. I have enjoyed this class even if it has taken me out of my comfort zone a little bit. I have learned that stepping out and trying something new can be and enjoyable experience. I plan to have more ways to use the things that I have learned in this class.

For my assignment I am to post to my blog two goals that I have that would be attainable within a two year period. What I have chosen for my two goals are first to create lessons to use a Smartboard in the classroom. I teach art and there are not very many if any lessons that use the Smartboard. I want the lessons to engage the students and make it so they can use the board as well. I have used the WiiMote Smartboard for simple things, but I know there are art teachers all over the country that have them but do not have lessons to use them with. These can help a power point be more interactive and engaging for the students.

My second goal is to introduce my colleagues to ways they can use wikis, blogs, and podcast to help engage their students and introduce them to different technology. I would like to help more teachers become technology immigrants maybe not technology natives but able to work with technology and not be afraid of it.

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