Monday, December 7, 2009

Interviews with Students

I am going to try and upload my interviews with my students so that you can hear directly from them how they use technology. As I stated in my previous blog I was surprised at what I learned from them. One student had his first cell phone the second student could not live without hers. My classes are a good mixture of male and female overall, but the Hispanic population of my classes is greater than the other ethnic races. My school is 80% Hispanic, 18% Anglo, and 2% African American and Asian. I did talk to other students but did not record their responses because they would not let me but I did learn that most students have a cell phone that they use regularly and they all were stumped at trying to figure out how technology could be used better at school. Yes they all thought they should have access to MySpace and those kinds of places only because of social issues not academic. Because it is not used in the school the students cannot see past the box they have either put themselves in or been put in. Hopefully before some of these students graduate they can see the great potential and benefit of technology in school and how it will prepare them for the outside workforce.

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