Thursday, November 19, 2009

An old dog can learn new tricks. I have not posted to my blog in a few days because I could not find what button to push that would open up the new post blog spot. Today I found it! I feel really stupid for not realizing where it was in the first place but am glad that I found it and hopefully I will not forget what I did to get here. Enough said about that.
The week after Thanksgiving my Art III class will get the opportunity to visit a real artist. Someone that makes his living off of his oil paintings. The man's name is Kenneth Wyatt. Mr. Wyatt paints western scenes and he has done some paintings of his interpretation of the 12 apostles of Christ. They are beautiful paintings. He has been painting for many years. I have been considering and I think I am going to do this, is tell the students that they have to research Mr. Wyatt and post on my blog something they have learned about Mr. Wyatt. Also I would like for them to post a question they would like to ask Mr. Wyatt when we visit with him at his gallery. My assignment for them would be to have posted to my blog what they have learned and the question by the Monday after Thanksgiving. There are 16 students in the class and I feel like this would be a good group to start with in beginning the blogging experience.

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